The Key to Successful Public Spaces


Quality public spaces require quality stewardship and care. Critical to the success of Eagle Plaza will be creating a robust, well-funded and long-lasting stewardship entity to ensure that Eagle Plaza remains clean, safe and welcoming for all. 



Eagle Plaza will be managed and maintained by “Friends of Eagle Plaza,” (FoEP) a neighborhood-based nonprofit entity comprised of local residents, nearby businesses and property owners, and other interested stakeholders. 

Aided by the San Francisco Parks Alliance, a longstanding local nonprofit that facilitates neighborhood park stewardship, FoEP would oversee the maintenance and operations of the plaza, hiring out for routine cleaning, coordinating special events, and managing a stable funding stream to ensure the long-term cleanliness, safety and accessibility of Eagle Plaza as a shared public amenity for all members of the community. 

FoEP will be developing an Eagle Plaza Management Plan outlining its scope of services, funding mechanisms and allocation processes, and governance structure. This Plan will be posted on this website once created, in the spirit of being hyper-transparent.

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