Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eagle Plaza?

Eagle Plaza is a unique pedestrian plaza concept proposed for 12th Street at Harrison in the Western South of Market (SoMa) neighborhood of San Francisco. The plaza is envisioned as a "shared public way," allowing cars at times but with emphasis on a pedestrian-priority space. It will commemorate the area's LGBTQ and leather heritage and provide a much needed public space for the neighborhood. Check out the design here

Has Eagle Plaza been approved?

Mostly, yes! On February 11th, 2016, the San Francisco Planning Commission unanimously voted in favor of allocating $1.5 million in funding towards Eagle Plaza's design & construction. This is a major step forward for Eagle Plaza because it ensures that Eagle Plaza has a vast majority of the funding it needs for design completion and construction! The next steps will be to work with individual City agencies such as Public Works, Planning, SFMTA, SF Public Utilities Commission and the SF Fire and Police Departments to make sure Eagle Plaza conforms with all of their rules and regulations. If you'd like to voice your support and/or get involved, please let us know!

Is Eagle Plaza only for the Leather Pride community?

Eagle Plaza is for everyone! While the initiative to commemorate the LGBTQ heritage in the neighborhood has served as inspiration for the plaza's design, the project is responding to community-wide demand for more public open space in Western SoMa. Eagle Plaza is designed as an inclusive public space to be open and welcoming to every member of the community. 

Who is Friends of Eagle Plaza?

Friends of Eagle Plaza (FoEP) is a neighborhood-based group that will be responsible for managing and maintaining Eagle Plaza. It meets regularly and is directly informing the design and programming of the plaza. FoEP is representative of the surrounding community, with property owners, business owners, residents, community groups and other stakeholders participating. Once the plaza is approved by the City, FoEP will incorporate as an official nonprofit organization and will oversee Eagle Plaza's long-term maintenance and activation. If you would like to get involved please let us know!

Why is it necessary to create Friends of Eagle Plaza? Why can’t the City take care of the plaza itself?

The City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) does its best to maintain its vast array of public parks, playgrounds, plazas and streetscapes - and it has a tough job. Today San Francisco struggles to keep its public spaces safe and clean for all users, which is why neighborhood-based public space stewardship is so important. At a hyper-local level, "Friends of" groups like FoEP can supplement city baseline services like street sweeping with enhanced maintenance and capital improvements funded by grants or local donations. Added services could include (but would by no means be limited to) scheduling additional cleaning or street furniture repair, seasonal replanting of vegetated areas, and/or planning and funding community events in the plaza.

How will you make sure Eagle Plaza doesn't become a tent encampment or a haven for unhealthy behaviors?

San Francisco is facing unprecedented street maintenance and street behavior issues. Keeping public spaces clean, safe and welcoming is only one part of the solution; accompanying social services must also provide care for those experiencing homelessness and addictions. However, as a new public space Eagle Plaza is set up for success in ways that other nearby public spaces (e.g. McCoppin Hub) are not. First, Eagle Plaza will be bordered on both sides by activating businesses and residences that will bring foot traffic at various times throughout day and night. Second, the adjacent residential development at 1532 Harrison Street will be providing daily maintenance and cleaning on the plaza. Third, the Friends of Eagle Plaza will become the official Plaza Steward of Eagle Plaza which will provide City assistance for activating plaza events and programs. Finally, public safety services if so desired will be provided by a combination of the adjacent residences at 1532 Harrison, the SoMa West CBD if formed, and Friends of Eagle Plaza fundraising if they desire additional support services. Please read more on the Maintenance page.


Who will own Eagle Plaza? Will it be privately or publicly controlled space?

Eagle Plaza will always be a 100% publicly owned space, under the jurisdiction of SF's Public Works Department. The plaza will be managed for the benefit of the public by the nonprofit Friends of Eagle Plaza to ensure a high level of maintenance, programming, care and accountability. A Public Stewardship Agreement between the Friends of Eagle Plaza and the City, through SF's Plaza Program, will assist FoEP in bringing public community-building events and activities into the plaza, and will stipulate that the plaza remain public and publicly accessible in perpetuity.

How will Eagle Plaza be funded?

Eagle Plaza's design and construction costs are partially funded through City grants, and partially through San Francisco's innovative In-Kind Agreement (IKA) process. With an IKA, a portion of the development impact fees generated by 1532 Harrison Street, a new multi-family residential development across the street, are re-allocated directly to a nearby public space. Learn more about Eagle Plaza's IKA here. These funds are supplemented with other sources such as grants and charitable contributions from individuals or organizations. 

Why haven’t I had a chance to participate in the planning and design process?

Numerous community meetings and events have occurred to date - we're sorry you missed them! Luckily there are plenty of ways to get involved, so please sign up to receive notifications about events, project updates and more!

How can I give feedback?

Feedback is always welcome! Please let us know what you think here. In addition, please feel free to contact any of the Friends of Eagle Plaza members to share your thoughts.

How can I support the project?

Stay informed by signing up to receive occasional emails about project updates and upcoming events. You can also submit feedback or request to learn more about Friends of Eagle Plaza here.

Who is Place Lab?

Place Lab is a department within the San Francisco Parks Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that champions, transforms and activates public parks and open spaces throughout San Francisco. Since 2014, Place Lab has been overseeing the design development and city approval process for Eagle Plaza in collaboration with Build Inc., the property owner and developer of 1532 Harrison Street whose in-kind impact fees are partially fund Eagle Plaza. Place Lab, formerly called Build Public, was been an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit from 2014 — 2018.

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