A Plaza for the Community and a Commemoration of LGBTQ Heritage


Eagle Plaza is a proposed much-needed new public gathering space in San Francisco's West SoMa neighborhood. Envisioned as a shared public way, the plaza will create a place for the community to sit, relax, play and celebrate in a safe clean and well-cared for environment. Learn more about Eagle Plaza below.

(2 parallel columns: "Design" and "Stewardship")



The design of the plaza is currently underway, informed by the surrounding neighborhood context and by significant past and ongoing community involvement. Learn more about the most recent conceptual design, site context, community outreach process, and project approval timeline.



As important as the physical design of the plaza is the design of Eagle Plaza's management and programming plans, to ensure that the plaza remains properly cared for over the long term. Learn more about the stewardship plan for Eagle Plaza, the Friends of Eagle Plaza nonprofit stewardship entity, and the plaza's ongoing funding plan.